Shot0Shot63Summit is a multi-tier business platform that provides practical access to your important data with an ease and flexibility almost beyond belief.

Summit Lite

Summit lite is entry level for our award winning information management system. Summit lite is a stand alone (or single network client) version that provides all the tools necessary to effectively manage your information. Summit lite is loaded with useful features for the SOHO business, helping with sales efforts, contact management, quoting, billing, data management, security and support. Summit lite is an excellent way to get started with Summit at the entry level, then when you are ready to move up or add more users or more power, a simple upgrade is applied and you are seamlessly enabled for greater functionality.

Summit Pro

Most of our users start at the Summit Pro level. It has more than enough kick to deliver satisfaction to even the most demanding tasks. With the ability to act as a peer-to-peer data server for a small organization, share data, clients, quotes and product information securely across a very intuitive interface, Summit Pro can and will be the most used software application in your organization.
A multiple company software billing and support system, Summit Pro will allow your sales people access to secure, up-to-date information that can enable a sales team to effectively up-sell a product or maintain a product / customer relationship. With advanced features such as volume price breaks, Multi-Media Interface, eMail billing (in HTLM format), Item grouping for large volume discounts and ODBC Data integration for easy import / export of data.

With customer attachments in secure data containers, Summit Pro is able to keep your data safe and always where it should be. Quotes and Invoices can be sent as HTML documents, or sent in special Fax format, or your multi-media data can be sent via FTP transfer, streamed or downloaded. All performed and monitored by Summit Pro.
Summit Pro offers up some specialty features enhancing the Microsoft Office software suite. Taking the underlying features of MSOffice and adding customization and ingenuity to make them more useful, Summit Pro will have you smiling in no time. Using the core MAPI, TAPI, Browser Technology, and tracking all office documents, storing them in relevant areas for superb organization, then adding four levels of security to each and every document held in one of the many secure data containers,

Summit Pro truly adds welcomed functionality to your existing MS Office suite.
Introducing the ability to utilize Caller-ID features for searching and locating customers, records and related files such as phone conversations, multi-media clips, articles, maps, office documents, e-mails, contracts, sound files, or any other type of file is immediately available to the Summit OX user. Dial out and Telephony features also grace the Summit OX platform to easily respond to your customer’s requirements.

Summit Pro is the perfect companion for any version of MS Office but works best with Office XP running on Windows 7,8, & 10.


Summit Enterprise

Summit Enterprise allows the integration of legacy and custom applications. This can easily be done by the end user as we have incorporated into this version of Summit, a simple solution to this problem. With all the features of Summit Pro, and many more aimed at enhancing production, Summit Enterprise is the perfect solution for manufacturers, developers, distributors, or advanced data management scenarios that until now have been almost impossible to solve.

Summit Enterprise allows the creation of on-line databases for web accessibility or database integration. Summit will then facilitate the scheduled transfer of data in to or out of the remote database and into Summit for security and further data manipulation and reporting.

Importing of data into Summit Enterprise is a snap, using our profile creator an end user can easily create a set of instructions that can gather information from a number of data sources simultaneously and amalgamate the data into Summit. With an easy to use interface this procedure need only be done once when required or can be pre-scheduled to automatically activate gathering or transfering of data to your data sources. This is extremely useful when you wish to import your accounting data into Summit to help with the initial setup of the solution.


Summit Enterprise is destined to be the ultimate solution for B2B information management in a Stand Alone (non-server) environment, while integrating legacy data and applications

Summit Enterprise Information Server (EIS)

Our flagship product Summit EIS is the advanced, top of the line system for performing all of the tasks and features from all of the versions of Summit. Adding the ability to use the system as a data server to control a LAN or Intranet or just to create and utilize the data sources on remote systems. Summit EIS allows a minimum of 10 users to the server platform and can be easily upgraded to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of users. With extensive security levels for users, usage, tracking, and automated tasks, Summit EIS is the answer to your data management problems. At a fraction of the cost of other systems that boast only half the features and functionality, Summit EIS can help organize and structure your business with extreme flexibility and power.

Narrowing the gap between big business and small the right solution can show your organization the way to the top. At the top you will find Summit EIS.

Customized Add-on Modules for Summit Enterprise & (EIS)

Data Motion creates custom modules and add-on technology for the Summit Business Integration Software by Data Motion Inc. We have a number of specific seamless modules that run in conjunction with Summit Pro, Summit Enterprise or Summit Enterprise Information Server, and can design, code and implement new modules as they are required. There are currently three modules written for the Summit platform. All modules were written by Data Motion for our clients to take advantage of the Summit. These modules are specific to a single clients’ requirements for his industry. We have expanded their specific views and functionality to include our own requirements for the module. These modules are fully expandable and can be changed to fit the requirements of new customers.


BPR (Benefit Plan Reporter)

A module to calculate monthly statements based on benefit plan type, salary, dependents. All statements are printed at month end with windowed envelope and tear – off payment stub. System was built primarily for union groups of civil service workers, fireman, paramedics, health workers and police, but can be applied to any corporation’s employee records.

Payment Module

BPR has a built-in payment module (can be transported to other modules), this module allows for payment entry on an invoice by method (Visa, MC, etc.) breakdown, Balances applied to customer database, Daily Sales Report, Security for Delete Protection. Reads data from Invoices posted to Summit account.

Point of Sale Module

This module is fully customizable for a multitude of businesses, it relies entirely on the Summit engine to perform all high and low level functions, such as printing, emailing, invoicing, quoting, viewing, calculating, securing, organizing, storing, retrieving and all the rest of the functions that are taken for granted in a system like this. This module provides the user with one simple interface and one easy method of getting things done.


Using this module it is very easy to tailor a software application for a number of businesses. With all the flexibility to create solutions for virtually any type of Point-of-Sale business, Booking or Scheduling scenario, and provide a simple front end interface to most of the Summit features, this module brings the full power of Summit to the novice or limited user.

Fusion iT is the primary reseller for the Summit Business Integration Software by Data Motion Inc., and can provide installation, maintenance & tech support.