Order Up – Restaurant / Bar Mgmt. POS Software

The complete solution to your Point of Sale, Restaurant Management needs. Order Up was originally created as a low cost PC configurable solution for Restaurants, Bars, Fine Dining, & Fast Food establishments. It has become a Mecca for inexpensive complete, PC POS functionality. Proven with the test of time for over 30 years, this highly flexible software system can completely manage your food service business from Order Entry, to Inventory management and all point in between. Operating on standard PC networking equipment making maintenance and replacement parts a breeze with many choices to upgrade or keep the cost of operation way down.

Taking a modular approach in development Data Motion has created Fine Dining, Fast Food / Bar, & Inventory modules that allow an operation to tailor the software for your exact needs. Fast, Precise, Easy to Use & Ultimately Flexible, this solution will make life and business easy and fun.

Providing reports that get to the Point ! and provide managers with all the information required to make food service decisions. With modules for Fine Dining, Fast Food Fast Bar, scanners, scales, multi-tier inventory management, Network enabled up to 10 terminals on standard high speed network equipment.

Now available in wireless Touch screen (Tablet, Phone or Computer terminal) server access, with remote access for managers sorting through the back end data of your business.