Why manage & share your data?

World data share

Increase your research impact
Making your data available to other researchers can impact discovery and relevance of your research.

Save time
Planning ahead for your data management needs will save you time and resources.

Preserve your data
Depositing your data in a repository safeguards your investment of time and resources while preserving your research contribution for you and others to use.

Maintain data integrity
Managing and documenting your data throughout its life cycle will allow you and others to understand and use your data in the future.

Meet grant requirements
Many funding agencies now require that researchers deposit data collected as part of a research project.

Promote new discoveries
Sharing your data with other researchers can lead to new and unanticipated discoveries and provide research material for those with little or no funding.

Support open access
Be a catalyst for research and discovery. Show your support for open access by sharing your data. To learn more, check out the Open Data movement.

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