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MediaQue is a powerful, user friendly media player that incorporated Audio, Video and Images in a single program that can run unlimited instances of itself. This permits the user to mix back and forth between instances, hold multiple search result lists open until you need them, and have backup media ready for anytime you need it.

This product is available in two versions – A player version for a single user and a server version to host entire networks of players. Please see the appropriate Help file for your version.

MediaQue Request Player (MQRP)  MediaQue Request Player HELP !
MediaQue Request Server (MQRS)  MediaQue Request Server HELP !

MediaQue Request Player (MQRP)

The first thing you’ll appreciate about MediaQue is its ability to find your media FAST! No matter where your media is located, local or remote MediaQue adds the location (and tons of other useful information) to the MediaQue database. Now were cooking.

Because of this MQ allows you to:

* Locate any type of media FAST! (from any location)
* Save all TAG information that is associated with the specific media file
* Add Lyrics, guitar chords or sheet music to the media file
* Add Links to websites or FTP Locations
* Update, Add and Verify media files
* Preview Media that’s not yet added to the MQRP database
* Create Playlists of media files (Audio, Video & Images)
* Set Multiple Bookmarks in large media, for detailed searches within individual media clips

Unlike many of the players available MediaQue is set apart by its flexibility and unique features, some of which you are unlikely to find anywhere else. The ability to run unlimited instances of the program is a powerful feature that permits the user to mix back and forth between instances, hold multiple search result lists open until you need them, and have backup media ready for anytime you need it.

Some of the features of MQRP are:

* Set media Paths for both media that’s in the database or media that’s not yet entered into the database.
* Jump to any digital position in the media clip instantly
* Get detailed positioning of the Media clip before its played or while its being played
* Use the manual Autofade to transition your Media clips from one to another, with three pre-set durations
* Connect to a MQRS database and use its media content and redirections
* Manage all your media licensing, buy license, (MQRP can be set to play only licensed media if required)
* Search for specific media then copy from mediaQue to a CD Burner

MediaQue Request Server (MQRS)

MediaQue Request Server is a powerful, fast, stable platform in which to manage, cue and Play your Media Files. This can be accomplished in many different ways and scenarios. With all the power of Request Player and a host of server based applications Request Server will take over where others leave off, while adding remote capabilities to your broadcast, presentation, performance, research, or simple media management tasks.

MediaQue Request Server (MQRS) is configurable for remote media Broadcast or DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) utilizing Request Player (MQRP) users can search on local or remote databases for media and play or cue them remotely or locally. This makes it easy to facilitate a system that is continually web broadcasting both audio & video while its listeners control or adjust the server playlist. In effect a system that is fed by the users and/or some form of remote administration. The best way to describe the power of MediaQue is to detail some examples of solutions we have addressed and conquered.

1) A home, office, resort, restaurant, nightclub or presentation house could use MQRS to continually cue and play music or video (for entertainment, training or otherwise) throughout the organization. Specific Media Clips could be sent to specific computer monitors in different locations on the LAN or Internet connection.
2) A DJ could use the MQRS to allow his listeners to request songs or Video Clips from a remote (LAN) computer. This would allow users to search for songs, then request them to the DJ with comments about the request (for my new bride, etc.)
3) A large retail record chain could use MQRS to allow their customers to pre-listen to the song. This could be done using only one copy of the song stored on a hard drive or FTP site (reducing costs to distribute CD’s to all their retail outlets), and facilitating multiple listeners of the same song at varying positions.
4) Museums could use MQRS for fast, easy location of historical media that could be distributed throughout the organization. Using the Backup Feature all Media would be securely backed up and encrypted.
5) Production Houses could use MQRS to track & locate all their own productions for review, presentation, broadcast or editing. This type of technology will greatly aid in the streamlining of your media management. MediaQue MQRS is a great answer to many advanced solutions for todays Media Requirements. Check with us for a solution that may not be explained on this website. With its many ingenious features, we’re sure MediaQue can help.

MediaQue Request Player HELP !

MediaQue Request Server HELP !


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